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Sir Was (SE)



Donnerstag, 15 Februar 2018

Strasse / Nr.: Gonzo Langstrasse 135, 8004 Zürich

Sir Was (SE)


  • Veranstaltungsort: Gonzo

  • Strasse / Nr.: Langstrasse 135

  • Stadt: 8004 Zürich

  • Veranstaltungsdatum: Donnerstag, 15 Februar 2018

  • Zeit der Veranstaltung:

  • Eintritt: bezahltes Ticket

sir Was' debut full length, Digging A Tunnel, is an album that constantly bucks trends and confounds expectations. Boasting a continually evolving sound that remains nonetheless unified, it comes as close as any record can to defying description. It boasts, an effortless flow, reflected in Wästberg's vocal delivery, which shifts from falsetto to a groove-like spoken word which circles round the beat rather than landing on it. It is, in short, brilliantly restless and boldly alive. “Blending Tame Impala-reminiscent vocals like a beam of light with playful yet melancholy electronic production“ STEREOGUM “Joel Wästberg's sir Was project is the meeting point between jazz, old school hip hop, and electronica; the Swede blurs boundaries in the most insouciant of fashions, () refreshing and reassuring.“ LINE OF BEST FIT “The Gothenburg producer's debut EP wanders through new worlds and takes stock of the beauty around it.“ Türöffnung:21:30 Uhr Beginn:22:00 Uhr Ende:23:00 Uhr Altersbegrenzung:18 Jahre. Rollstuhlplätze:Die Veranstaltung ist nicht rollstuhlgängig. Links: (vsc)
13.00 CHF

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