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Hotel Zürichberg, Zürich

  13 reviews

Street / Nr.: Orellistrasse 21, 8044 Zürich

Hotel Zürichberg, Zürich


  • Street / Nr.: Orellistrasse 21, 8044 Zürich

  • Phone Number(s): +41-44-268-3535

  • Website:

  • Mehr Informationen:

    • Alcohol specialty: None
    • Best for: Breakfast
    • Credit cards accepted: Not sure
    • English spoken: Not sure
    • Good for Kids: Not sure
    • Good for People: Romantic
    • Home Delivery: Not sure
    • Outdoor seating: Not sure
    • Parking: Valet
    • Price: £££
    • Private parties: Not sure
    • Reservations: Not sure
    • Smoking area: Outside
    • Vegetarian: Not sure
    • Wifi: None
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Reviews of Hotel Zürichberg in English

Review of Hotel Zürichberg from 21 May 2011

Hotel Zurichberg’s restaurant, C21, seems to be quite hyped. Other Qypers write about delicious food. I don’t think that the restaurant’s food is particularly spectularly in any way. Service was competent and relaxed, but not exactly very friendly… typical for Zurich. The hospitality I enjoy at Hotel Rigiblick’s restaurant, Spice, was nowhere to be found. I had burrata with tomatoes, pesto, bread and balsamico as an entrée for just CHF 16.-, great value for money, one of the evening’s true highlights. But I actually came because of the desserts. The restaurant sports a dessert menu that looked quite interesting, featuring (amongst other things) two dessert variations. The strawberry dessert variation was actually quite good. I particularly enjoyed the warm strawberries served soaked in caramel and pepper corn sauce. However, they serve me a strawberry semifreddo that was still completely frozen. I’ll let such an embarassing mistake slide, because the head pastry chef wasn’t working that day. The chocolate dessert variation was something of a mixed bag. The chocolate ginger ice cream was simply divine, absolutely commendable! The candied ginger was, of course, a perfect match. But then another “mistake” happened: A relatively boring little chocolate cake was covered in ready-made chocolate topping (!), absolutely disgusting. Quite sad, because melting chocolate isn’t such a big deal… The fruit plate was a definite disappointment. Instead of serving a coulis or sauce made from fresh strawberries, they used a ready-made sauce from Boiron that tasted far too sweet, like a low-quality strawberry jam they’d thrown into a blender. The fruit was okay, the whole ordeal was somewhat uninspired. An easy, viable dessert, nonetheless. If one considers the fact that the kitchen’s two pastry chefs have to produce over a thousand pieces of cake per week, then the desserts are – in spite of the mistakes that were made – quite alright. I’m giving this restaurant a relatively high score because of the value for money offered and its rather gorgeous view, particularly beautiful by Zurich’s standards. One star is missing. Why? Poor hygiene! My eagle eyes spotted a young chef (or apprentice?) testing some sauce with his finger and then prodding at a piece of meat with the just-licked finger – yuck! The open show kitchen is quite clean, in spite of such displays of hygienic nonchalance. For more German restaurant reviews and photos, please visit:

Source: Qype

Review of Hotel Zürichberg from 23 September 2009

Today a comment mainly about the hotel. The first time in the main building, I have to say, nearly more beautiful than the new building. I'm lucky: Room facing the lake. Marvellous. My colleague in the new building faces the forest side. Actually that's exaggerated. He looks at trunks, the remainder is a hill - meaning the room is rather dark. Prices are 'creative'. It's worth checking short notice whether there's availability. The service is very good, breakfast is very good. Biggest drawback: WLAN costs Swisscomm money. That's annoying. But a look at the lake puts you back in a good mood.

Source: Qype

Review of Hotel Zürichberg from 28 June 2008

One of the most beautiful terraces in Zurich with view of lake and the Alpes. The food was outstanding (but not cheap!), the service particularly attentive and friendly. A location to stay! I personally prefer this place for lunch - the tasty salad and antipasta buffet is worth a trip to the Zürichberg!

Source: Qype

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