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Zic Zac, Zürich

  13 reviews

Street / Nr.: Marktgasse 17, 8001 Zürich

Zic Zac, Zürich


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Reviews of Zic Zac in English

Review of Zic Zac from 23 February 2010

Oh my god, the full name of this place is The Zic Zac Rock Hotel. What's not to love??? This place makes my happy happy. Unfortunately, despite its popularity with travellers the world over, it doesn't have its own website. I found it via, and was utterly fascinated and charmed. The Zic Zac Rock Hotel (say it five times fast) isn't for everyone. If what you want in a hotel is ultimate comfort and all the amenities you'd have at home, you shouldn't stay here. This is a hotel that still thinks Mick Jagger is the coolest thing going. It is for the young at heart, or at least for the traveller who wants a bit of adventure and kitsch with their stay. This is not to say that the hotel wasn't comfortable, but it is dated, as many things in Zurich are. We stayed in the Rolling Stones room, which made us laugh, as my friend loves the Stones, and I think they're possibly the most over-rated rock band of all time. Much hilarity ensued (arguing, really). The room was spacious, with a nice comfortable bed. There was a basin/sink in the room, which was nice for teethbrushing, but also one in the bathroom. The toilet, shower and basin were all fine -- nothing fancy, but nothing grubby either. The carpet and fixtures throughout the hotel are very worn. I was a bit worried at the patina of the place, which wasn't charming so much as "getting booked into downtown LAPD offices in the 1960s". However, the concierge assured me that our room was "very rock n roll, very American", which he seemed to think was a good thing. Zurich and Switzerland in general are very expensive to stay and holiday in, with the currency being so strong, but the Zic Zac Rock Hotel was decently priced, and the staff were all impeccably polite and helpful (which seems to be a common trait with staff in Switzerland). The hotel was rather quiet for us, as we were there on a Thursday. We poked our head inside the bar, and seeing only a few people in around 9pm, we headed out in search of smoky, gin-laden fun. We eventually made our way back to the hotel around midnight, kebab and chips in hand (wonder of wonders!), and were stopped at the door by bouncers. We told them we were staying in the hotel, and were let through into the bar, a scene which could only be described as just short of astonishing. The bar was so packed to the gills with people, we had to shimmy our way (with kebab over head) through, and it took us five minutes to get to the top. Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was pounding out of the speakers, with the dancers going wild as if it were 1986 again. At one point (one of my best memories of Zurich), someone in the crowd noticed us, and started cheering (for us or for the panache with which we protected our kebab, I'm not sure), and the entire crowd was clapping and cheering us on our path. One guy even gave us a deep and chivalrous bow. Absolute hilarity, and proof that anyone willing to stay in a hotel called The Zic Zac Rock Hotel must be a little bit of alright.

Source: Qype

Review of Zic Zac from 08 February 2008

A hotel for the young and young at heart in the heart of Zürich's old town. Only 7 minutes away from the main train station, close to all the sights and in the heart of Zurichs nightlife district. You are surrounded by a young, unpretentious and personal atmosphere. Clean, newly renovated unique rooms at extremely low rates in Zurich. Each room is named by a famous rock star or group. They have different equipments and prices as private bathrooms or showers inside of the room... To eat you have a choice of Khan's with its tasteful décor and Indian delicacies or the lively Zic Zac Dörfli, which offers good American cooking and great parties till the early ours on the weekend.

Source: Qype

Review of Zic Zac from 02 May 2007

The Zic Zac Rock Hotel/Garden, also called Hard Rock Cafe in Niederdorf... is the el dorado for hot rock music, cool drinks, American food and relaxed atmosphere. Even during the week this place is crammed with young people and those who are over 40, smile. You can tell already from the outside what's happening there. It's even worth queuing for a while which you can barely avoid anyway. But patience is rewarded even if it is really packed. Enjoy to all those youngsters and young-at-heart. Tipp: Our Qyper 'SchokoBella' (/people/schokobella) even knows the upper Zic Zac Rock Hotel. Well, this woman is experienced and has good taste. I'm hoping not to slime too much now... smile. Addition from holiday 2004 in Cyprus, Ayia Napa (the Las Vegas of the Mediterranean) where they also had a 'Zic Zac': without any small morale compass we enjoyed the night in Ayia Napa and brought love to where there was only alcohol beforehand.

Source: Qype

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