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Another website I can enter evaluations ?



Yes, but with a big difference! Here you not only recommend hotels and restaurant, but much more important – here you will recommend your personal hairdresser, dentist, retail store, car dealer and many more.



And you as suppliers and business owners will profit  through numerous evaluations to. Because the more evaluations your enterprise is getting the more it will be considered by our visitors.



Thank you for visiting !


Mo4U Team


Next Events in Switzerland



Frühlings-Gemeindeversammlung 28. Mai 2021

Lokalität noch nicht bekannt

Gemeindehausplatz 5, 8750 Glarus


13 SEP

08 JUN

Der Dienstag Aperitif in dem Schloss in Luins

Château de Luins Route du Village 19, 1184 Luins


02 JUL

03 JUL

Gatschiefer Schlager- und Volksmusik Openair 2021

Openair-Arena nahe Schulhaus Bündelti

, 7250 Klosters


14 MAR

15 AUG

La, la, la. Eine Ausstellung zum Mitsingen


Zeughausplatz 28, 4410 Liestal

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