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Another website I can enter evaluations ?



Yes, but with a big difference! Here you not only recommend hotels and restaurant, but much more important – here you will recommend your personal hairdresser, dentist, retail store, car dealer and many more.



And you as suppliers and business owners will profit  through numerous evaluations to. Because the more evaluations your enterprise is getting the more it will be considered by our visitors.



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Next Events in Switzerland

26 MAR

01 OCT


01 MAY

01 OCT

US CAR MEETING 2020 Restaurant Grill 66 Oberbüren

Restaurant Grill66

Industrie Haslen 8, 9245 Oberbüren


02 OCT

02 OCT

Saisonale Wanderhighlights mit Andrea Matossi

Gäste-Information Scuol

, 7550 Scuol


21 MAY

04 OCT

Mapping Klee

Zentrum Paul Klee

Monument im Fruchtland 3, 3006 Bern

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